Mayor's Corner

MAYOR'S CORNER November 2017

Congratulations to all of our athletic teams this fall! We are so proud of each and everyone of you and we definitely appreciate all of the students, coaches, parents and fans. Your dedication is truly recognized and very much appreciated! Thank YOU!

It seems like this year is just flying by! Last writing I was talking about watching out for school kids and Bremer County Fair pies. Now, Thanksgiving is over and Christmas decorations are up and on!

Speaking of Christmas, Christmas On Main is coming up December 8th and 9th. Please be sure to come out and participate in and enjoy all of the fun festivities that the Community Club has planned for the community that weekend.

The City of Readlyn will be doing a Christmas light promotion again this year. If you have any questions, please contact Lois at The City Hall.

At our last City Council meeting, the Malone Avenue Water Quality Runoff Project was discussed. It was decided by the City Council to abandon this project. The biggest objection/issue was the size of the water gardens. The Council and I discussed other options for sump pumps and water runoff, with the understanding what ever we do will be paid for by the City.

The City of Readlyn still has a opportunity to use some funding from the State Revolving Fund with the building of the new sewer plant. When the City applied for the Malone Avenue Project, we also submitted another project request to improve water quality runoff. This project involves turning some ag land into a wetlands. Two thirds of Readlyn's storm water runoff goes to the southwest corner of town and across several acres of farm ground. There is a great opportunity to improve water quality and quantity with this project, which would be paid for with the same money we would have used on Malone Avenue Project. I believe it's a worth while project, however it will take some time to put together. I will keep you informed.

The sewer plant is getting close to be finished. The processing tank, for the most part, is done. The contractor is working on some new underground lines for the new treatment area and pumps. The electrical work is the big thing going on right now. RTC Communications installed new fiber optic lines to the new lab and operations building. A BIG Thank-you to them! Plumbers are installing new equipment in the new operations building. We are scheduled to switch over treatment in January. The hauling of sludge will be one variable that will affect the startup plan, but we are scheduled to get that done in the next couple weeks. Over all, things are looking great with no big surprises or cost overruns. We will have a Open House in the future to show everyone what our new facility looks like. Stay tuned.....

I hate to even think of snow, but it will come! Please try and park accordingly and don't park on the streets do the guys can get the snow removed from the streets. Plowing snow and cleaning streets is not a fun job, so please help us out. Also, please don't put your snow on the street. If you have any questions or concerns, please give me a call.

Enjoy this beautiful holiday season - always remember the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas from Connie and I. Enjoy this special time of year with your family and friends.

MAYOR'S CORNER August 2017

If you have driven or walked by the sewer plant recently you have seen that the operations building is taking shape. The precast walls and roof are installed and all the electrical and plumbing are being installed along with other equipment.

The next step for that building is pouring the concrete floor. The process plant concrete is done with most of the equipment and plumbing already installed. Soon they will be working on the catwalks. The total project is ahead of schedule and going very well. The contractor, engineers and the City of Readlyn have monthly meetings which keep us all up to date and hopefully look out for any issues before they happen. I am extremely happy for how well this large project is going.

The Water Quality Runoff Malone Street Project is moving along with necessary parties reviewing their parts of the project. The SRF people and DNR people all have input, which is required with a project like this. Recently I have seen emails looking like the project will proceed. The latest renderings show more precise locations and size of the bio swales. The drawing also show more information on types and amounts of plants in bio swales. Once everyone approves these plans it will come back to the Readlyn City Council for approval. Once the Council approves the project we let bids to hopefully complete this fall. If you have questions or concerns please contact a Council Member,City Hall, or myself.

Summer is gone! School is already under way along with busy schedules including sports. Please be careful traveling city streets, especially around both schools where the bus's are loading and unloading children. Remember no passing a school bus when they have their stop sign out, even in town. Last year I had reports of that happening in front of CLS.

The City of Readlyn is repairing some areas of our city streets. As there are many areas that need repair. The areas that we have fixed are what we thought needed attention. We know that Main Street can really use some help so we are looking for assistance, State and Federal to get that project done right.

The City will also be tarring cracks and seams this month. Both tarring and repairing streets are a yearly budget item to keep our town in good shape.

Be safe and "Go Wapsie!"


Where has the Summer gone? It seems like school has just let out for the Summer and in less than 30 days they will be back. .

The City of Readlyn has been busy this summer!! The splash pad has been a big hit! Every time I go by there it is in use. What a great project for us all!!!!! .

The City will soon be installing some picnic tables around the splash pad. Two of the tables the City has purchased with donations left over from building the pad. One of the tables is handicap accessible and will be placed near the northeast corner of the pad with a sidewalk for easy access. The other table we are placing on another corner. The Van Natta Family has purchased a table in memory of loved ones which will be put near the splash pad also. Thank you, Van Natta Family, for that generous donation. If anyone else is interested in this type project/donation, please let City Hall or myself know. .

The City of Readlyn has put our 1949 C Farmall, with Woods belly mower, up for sale. It is located in front of the Historical Society now, if you would like to take a close look at it. We will be accepting sealed bids until August 14th, 2017, at noon. If your interested call City Hall, Barney, or myself. .

The new sewer plant project is going very well. Even with the recent rains, the contractors are a month ahead of schedule. The actual treatment tanks are completed and the water tested. The contractors are now working on the lab/operations building and the electrical contractors are also there working on their part of the project. The discharge tile line that runs through the Deterding property is complete along with the pressure discharge that runs along First Street. The City of Readlyn, the engineers from Shive Hattery and Fox, and Gridor contractors have monthly meetings to update us and to communicate with us about the sewer project. .

The City of Readlyn and engineers from Shive Hattery have been working on the water quality runoff project on Malone Avenue with the citizens involved. We have had many discussions about the project trying to keep everyone informed and satisfied with the end result. At our last council meeting we had a large turnout. I believe that we are now at a point to move ahead with the project. We are waiting from the DNR and SRF people to approve the plan and then we will have that plan approved by Council and let bids to get work completed by fall. I hope we can all work together and get this project done! We are very fortunate to be able to complete a project like this one and we will not have another opportunity to get funds like this to do a project like this again. .

The Community Club representative attended the recent council meeting and discussed three items. One, was to add a sidewalk in the main City Park that would go from the tennis court to gazebo. Another was to add a bench in the park for the grump bust to be attached to. The third item was to discuss options for the Freedom Rock and its placement. I believe all of these requests/items will be done. Thank you to the Community Club for all they do for Readlyn! We really appreciate it. .

A few house keeping items - reminders:
Parking trailers or boats on streets - the city ordinance permits it for 48 hrs.
Grass blown on streets is not permitted.
Lawns not mowed and length is over 8 inches will be sited.
Sump pump hoses must be placed, at least 10 ft from street or property border.
Property not kept up will be sited. .

If you have questions about any of these items, please contact our Police Chief, Lois at City Hall or myself.

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